Thursday, October 30, 2014

A long phone call

Sal's working on a movie in New Orleans right now, the big Nola, The Big Easy, where the party don't eva stop, yo....etc, we've been chatting it up some nights via el telephono.  We hadn't chatted in a few nights because I've been battling a stupid, nasty cold since Sunday and when I'm sick, I feel like the world is about to end, and all I want to do is drink orange juice and sleep.  So, we didn't chat for a few nights due to mucus blockage keeping me from even breathing, and then last night was The World Series.  Haha, yes, you read that correctly.  I only watched a handful of games of the MLB this season, but I've always been a fan of baseball (it's about the only sport I enjoy...besides running, oh and olympic gymnastics), and I've weirdly gotten hooked on watching the World Series this year.  So I did..and we postponed our chat until tonight.

The phone call was over an hour and a half long, which might not seem like a big deal or even worth mentioning, but Sal is NOT a phone person, and I'm understanding and okay with that.  I like face-to-face better, but I can do the phone.  He prefers no phone, but we compromise.  Anyway, it covered a lot.  And we had a few good chats during this one call about many things and life and Sagan and the future and this weekend and next year and the next few years.  It was a good one.  A really good one.  
One of my favorite parts of it, though, was when Sal was just talking about us, and not because we're egotistical or ego-centric and talk about how we've got a good thing (I'm not gonna lie, we do...haha), but it was just a fact, a statement, that he made in getting to another point.  He said "I'm glad we're on the same page."  And whereas that might not be a big deal to you, or you may brush it off like a high school friend asks what page you're on in The Scarlet Letter, and you reply with "72," and she say's "OMG, me too!" and you feel connected and giggle.  No, it's more than that.  We're on the same page for life goals and values and what's important and what's worth celebrating and what it's all about.

And that is so great.

I could probably hit up and get a better word than 'great' and I wouldn't blame you for cursing me for not.  But 'great' is perfect right there, and this is why.  I was talking to my bestie the other day, and we were talking about relationships.  Sadly, we're in our mid-to-late twenties (that's not the sad part...haha) and some of our acquaintances or people we went to college with are going through divorces.  While this isn't the end of the world, and sometimes is necessary, it just makes you realize how grateful you are for finding someone you love, who loves you back, and who is in this to make you happy, and you want to make them happy.  Some people I know are married and I feel like when I look at their relationship (and granted, I don't see all sides), it looks like more of a business partnership.  You do this and I'll do this, and we'll get through life making this work and even produce a few kids along the way who will probably do awesome things.  We'll vacation and go on dates even, but at the end of the night, we'll go to bed and conquer the next day together.

Thankfully, and gratefully, that's not Sal and me.  I don't want to just conquer the day together, but I want to enjoy every sweet thing it has to offer with you by my side teaching me how to enjoy it even more to the fullest.  I want you to slap me when I'm being silly and not noticing the beauty in the sunset or cry with me when the mama whale and the baby whale swim off side-by side.  (Apparently, I'm at the beach right now, but let's just go with it :)  I want to love and hurt and be real and genuine so that I leave people's day in a better place than when I happened upon it.  And I want to be this person because a man loves me so much to let me be this person and teaches me to be this person.

And that is grateful to me.  Great-full.  That I've found him, and that he's found me.

This started off differently, as they all do; it started off with me just wanted to mention a few quotes from the good conversation we had tonight, and it turned into me harping on one and apparently riding off on a dolphin into the sunset. haha

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happiness and posting all the day long!

There's nothing fun about setting your alarm for a 4am wake-up call, and your phone telling you that you have "5 hours and 47 minutes until then."

I cringed on Thursday night when I saw this lovely message, and I just realized that all I could do was make it the best 5 hours and 47 minutes of sleep that I could.  I slept and awoke, and met my business-partner-in-crime for a long 13 hour day work day of deliveries all over the southern part of the state.  And now that I'm sitting here at 9:30am on a Saturday morning after a glorious 8 hours of sleep, I couldn't be happier that a trip like that doesn't have to happen again for 8 weeks. :)  Just sharing a bit of happiness with you...

Speaking of happiness (nice segue, eh?), I'm currently reading The Happiness Project.
It's something I've been wanting to make my way through for a while, and it's good.  I tend to read (and enjoy) more nonfiction than fiction, and although this one's more of a 'how-to' if you will (for your own happiness project...after seeing the author's journey), it's been good.  To be honest, I haven't been reading through it as quickly as I'd like, but such is life when there's busy in the business.  We're headed to the beach for a slow-down, relaxing, glorious week ONE week from today (hallelujah!), and I hope to finish it there....pool or beach-side with not a care in the world.

Anyway, in the book right now, Gretchen (the author....we're on a first name basis) just finished mentioning that one part of happiness is challenging yourself with something and progressing through goals.  For this part of her project, she challenged herself to start a blog, and that got me thinking about this lil' biddy ole blog of mine.

Oh blog of mine, what shall I say?  This thing has been around (by some name or another...we all go through phases of change, amiright?) since April of 2008 when I had a lot to ramble on and complain about the pressures of getting an ed degree as well as voice my crushes on Sal.  (some of it is embarrassing, but I'm also to lazy to just go delete it all...haha....for example, the first one:
Oh dramatic, emo 20-year-old Courtney).  I've spent lots of time away from it, but I'm always lured back into posting.  Not because I have awesome, profound things to say...but because I simply like to write.

So, one of the things that Gretchen mentioned with starting her blog was writing something everyday.  And I've been good at that in spurts, but I've been really neglectful, too.  I battle what I'm sure a lot of bloggers (if I even qualify as that?!?) do in that "Well, I don't have anything exciting or profound to say today."  But then when I think over the past week, I know that I could just document my life, and I'll be grateful I did in 5 years just like I'm grateful I did during our time in California and our awesome time in Washington, D.C.

So, here's hoping!  And here goes!  One post a day! (if possible...if I don't drag this computer to the beach, or there's no wi-fi, or I'm just too busy sleeping in the sun....don't chastise me :)

Also, please be prepared for boring, dull posts that just fill the spot of posting something for that day.  Like "Sagan ate all his food before 10am today.  He's going to be starving by 3pm."

Get ready for that kind of fun, folks.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 8, 2014

When I'm 88...

Today's my dad's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Harley!!! (His real name is Don....shh....don't tell anyone...but I call him Harley on here because everyone on the blog has a code name....or fake name or whatever it's call to protect them. hah)

He's 58 today, and like you may have noticed, was born on 8/8.

In 1988, his mom either made him a shirt or got him a shirt made that said "Don" in the upper left corner and then just had "8-8-88" written across the chest. haha  When he found it a few years ago, and it fit me, I took it and wore it with pride.  Also a little shame because college/post-college sized Courtney (I don't get a code name :) was the same size or bigger than 32-year-old, grown man Don.

On a side note, now that I think of it, that was probably an awesome birthday for my pops because he got a fun shirt made just for him AND his youngest, brightest, beautifullest baby girl and the light of his world had just had her first birthday about a week and a half earlier.  I'm just saying, it was probably a good time in his life.  Come to think of it, he may or may not have been recovering from a vasectomy...BUT let's not travel any further down that road.  :)

Back to my today when we were chatting, he mentioned that if he's still kickin' in thirty years, that I have to get him another 8-8-88 shirt....I know it doesn't make the same sense because it will be 2044, but he'll be 88.  I replied, that yes, WHEN he's still kicking then, I'll definitely get him another shirt and I'll get one for myself as well.

This made him ask me how old I'll be then.  And I'll be 57.  wow.
1 year younger than what he turned today. C to the razysauce!

On a separate but related note, when I met with our CPA this week, she and I started talking about how even though Sal's currently unemployed, it would be silly for him to get a job and then ask for a week off for our family beach trip only having worked there 2-3 weeks.  And she totally agreed.  She's very conservative with moolah and saving and expenses (hence...a good CPA), but she said "I'm 65.  I swear I was just 35 and I blinked.  Have fun now.  Work hard, which y'all are doing, but soak up all the fun you can."

And I love that.

In summary, I will be eating 3 tacos tonight instead of 2 to have triple the fun.  And hey, there might even be dessert, too! :)

Hap' Friday!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Me:  *warm and cozily tucked under covers and browsing the internet, not wanting to get up and go pee.* "Sometimes I wish I had a catheter. "
Sal:  "Well, if you had one, I bet you wish you didn't."

It's been 8 months since a post.  I thought I'd return with a bang.

you're welcome for pee talk.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life ahead

I just stumbled across this video, and I bawled my eyes out.  My eyes are so red right now because Lord knows I'm not a pretty cry-er in the first place, but especially not when I'm sitting in bed with the laptop propped up on the pillow, a snoozing cat at my ankles, and wet hair draped around my face.

Though this is technically not a new message--to live like you were dying--it always serves as a good reminder throughout life.  Throughout days of getting angry over stupid things like people who don't use the turn lane, or the post office for returning mail that should've reached its destination by the time it comes back to your doorstep.  Anyway, I'll proceed. ;)

It's always a good reminder that we should constantly be going after our dreams.  We've got this one life, this one short, blink of an eye time here to live, and we need to be doing just that.

I'm beyond words excited about what's next for me and Sal.

But I'm also a little hesitant because it's a huge unknown...which I guess is the hint of scary in exciting that makes it all so heart-pounding.

Isn't it funny how true the expression is 'when it rains, it pours.'  I feel like this is something that is just true of life.  Life is full of decisions, and our future is impacted by the decisions we make.  But I'm seeing clearly tonight that something is not really a decision unless there are at least two options to choose from.  So life would be somewhat boring should just one thing come up after the next and after the next to lead me to the ripe old age of 102. (I'm determined to live to three-digits, at least! :) No, life is and has been and will be full of meaning and risk and excitement and uncertainty because more often than not, I'm going to have to choose.  I going to have to pick, to determine steps, to make those key decisions that will impact me in more ways than I know, which sometimes scares the hell out of me and wakes me up at 3:38am.

One thing I do know, though.  Life is beautiful.  And life is meaningful, and life is fun and though the act of deciding which step to take next can be scary/exciting/crazy/keep you up at night/etc., I know that this life, this one little thing I've been given, was meant to be lived in the craziest, happiest, Courtney-est way possible.

Sidenote:  I had avocado on my Which Wich sandwich tonight at dinner.  I've never done this before, and I regret that because it was amazing (like I knew it would be).  I blame the avocado on this crazy (but fun, and true) post. :)